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find peace anywhere

Find Peace Anywhere

On deadline for a project without much progress due to a power outage, I decide to cycle over to a nearby gourmet market and pick up lunch. We can find peace anywhere.

The sky has been grey for several days and now its sprinkling lightly. Even so, I prefer to travel by bicycle. The slower pace allows more space for noticing natures artistry: the surrounding plants, trees and clouds.

It’s noon and entering the market, I immediately sense the energy and activity. This is one of the most popular local food spots and it radiates a distinct egalitarian vibe. Its not uncommon to see highflying developers, office workers, a smiling worker from the local car wash and occasionally the police chief; all eyeing the selections at the huge prepared food bar.

Just inside the door, I am confronted by a former meditation student who appears anxious. “I really need to start coming again. When are the sessions?” I remember her clearly, having participated a few times but busy with the familiar, pressing and real obligations of young children, husband and career. “What is better for you, mornings or evenings?” I enquire. “I can not make either one. I am just so busy,” is her reply.

“How about right now?”
“Here right now?”
“Just take a couple of slow breaths right now.”

We pause and slowly inhale together in our quiet zone in this noisy space which is bustling with activity. We take several breaths together. “Just notice the sensations, Don’t worry about the people or the sounds. Just relax and breathe.” The whole process takes maybe 90 seconds.

“Thank you so much. I do not know why I am rushing everywhere. I feel so stupid with not regularly making time for meditation. But I will definitely come to the meditation center. And soon!”

“I hope so, and once you learn you will be able to find peace anywhere.”  We hug and part ways.

In the prepared food section I check the days offerings and select the split pea soup and a side of green beans. At the coffee bar I order a latte and an oatmeal cookie all the while soaking in the ambient conversations, the feel of the space and the aroma of prepared food.

Outside, I see my friend on the sidewalk. Rushing to her car she doesn’t notice as we pass. How about now?

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Written by: Bill Durham